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Visible Value Stream Consulting - Flow Engineering

Download the Visible Guide to Flow Engineering

  • How can you make time for real innovation and improvement?

  • How can you know exactly what to automate?

  • How do you escape process prison?

  • How can you get everyone aligned to make a difference?

  • How do you get from where you are to your next performance target?

Visible Value Stream Consulting - Flow Engineering

Flow Engineering builds on the lean practice of Value Stream Mapping by leveraging three additional mapping techniques to guide you from pains and goals to creating your own bespoke Flow Roadmap. It's a framework you can use right now to reveal your biggest opportunities, eliminate friction, and give you time and clarity to invest in what's next.

Use it to improve your:

  • Development and Release process

  • Planning and Shaping

  • Delivery/Data/Testing/Analytics/Logging Pipeline

  • Developer/Customer Onboarding

  • Environment Provisioning

  • Failure Recovery/Incident Management/Support Triage

  • Process of choice, you get it :)

Beyond learning what will make the most difference for your team, get the data that will prove you're on the right track, and the ROI of your improvement efforts.

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As a special bonus, here's a video overview that covers the basics of getting started in a quick 10 minutes

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Visible Value Stream Consulting - Flow Engineering